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Technical Informations


The cleanroom elements manufactured by cleanESTroom are in accordance to the most updated ISO 14644, cGMP, FDA regulations. The proposed solution can satisfy all clients´ needs where clean and sterile environments are required. Durable and smooth surfaces, cleanable and resistance to cleaning agents, rounded corners where partition meets floor and ceiling, sealed and flush windws to wall as well as special designed doors are all features which confirm cleanESTroom to be one of the most advanced and innovative cleanroom suppliers.
Wide range of accessories and completion elements to provide the cleanroom "box" starts from dressing room furnishings, pass boxes, door interlocks and automation to arrive to the small but key cleanroom elements as diffusers, filters laminar flow and lightinhg fixtures. All elements have been selected to be part of the cleanESTroom philosophy:provide a "one stop shop" company for your cleanroom needs.
Every cleanroom project, no matter its size, is a single challenge for cleanESTroom technical team who will follow up the client to make sure he/she is completely satisfied and finally providing a full comprehensive set of documents and drawings, the key tools for further validation and GMP inspection


The cleanESTroom elements such as partition, ceiling and doors are constructed using materials suitable for cleanroom environments and already commonly used worldwide as exposed surface in cleanroom field. Partitions, ceilings and doors are available with
-HPL High Pessure Laminate
-PVDF coated steel sheets
-PVDF coated aluminium composite sheets
-uPVC coated steel
-Stainless steel.
Round profiles and jointings as well as door profiles are manufactured in aluminium and the surface protected with
-anodization or
-polyester coating
Inner filling/insulation panels can be provied using:
-High density polystrene
-High density rockwool
-Aluminium honeycomb
All materials come with technical data sheet which is part of the final documentation handed over by cleanESTroom to client during project execution